Africa Must Unite

Oh Africa!
When your vision is in tandem
with your new political will to seek
clear prehistoric fountains of hope
shall flow with passion to obliterate
the ills of greed, pillage, inhumanity
of years of rape and inhuman slavery
and focus with clarity into the future

Your bangs of slavery begot colonialism
this invited neocolonialism to dinner
where greed fragmented your lands
your hopes and dreams in blatant disregard
to your creed, socio-cultural affinities
your ethos and eroded your values
with strange tongues and feuds

Oh! Africa!
When you resist their beckoning evil urges
and insatiate hunger for subtle greed
they sowed the seed of insane hatred
termed you land of hunger, poverty, disease
but we see through their furtive glances
of impatience for more exploitative trysts
for we know better than that what they call you

Oh Africa!
Now is the time to unite as one
there is no other ideal time to start
a journey of a thousand miles
starts with that uncertain false steps
of a toddler fraught with falls and cries
the strength of the chain is its weakest link
United we stand passionate or die trying

And I see a new Africa
and a new people of conscience
for the vent of a new wind of change
is now tilted within reach of the meek
and the downtrodden imprisoned
by walls of societal false sense of value
to ascend the true throne of prominence
for God does not work with weaklings!

Oh Africa! You show plenty of signs
that you are on the right track and
beginning to overcome many of your problems
your tinny breast once beleaguered by poverty and war
is now clean, safe and enjoying economic growth
more than twice as fast as the U.S. or Europe
Oh Africa! Feel the signs of a turnaround
and plenty of reason for optimism and hope

Now is the time
To dig the mine!

by Dela Bobobee

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that's a giant idea... you must be genius to do such thing. very nice political statement.
this is really great.....i enjoyed reading this poem so much.....beautifully written and rich in content....its a ten