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African Angel
GCN (18th JAN / Warri/Delta State/Nigeria)

African Angel

Poem By Golda C NjiribeakoAlexander

You look so massive, yet so cool, and so gentle
You look so captivating, so charming and so sweet
You smile down at me; I feel my heart skip a beat
You glance my way, I feel my feet go wobbly underneath
I feel as though I woke from a dream when you call my name
What you do to my senses, my lovely African Angel!

Oh love! Wandered through miles and miles of deep blue sea
Oh love! Searched through all un-searchable for you, oh yea
It seemed as though you were eluding me then but I kept on
Knowing that someday I’d find that someone, who’d be mine
No matter how long it took me to find this mate of mine
I knew I’d find you someday, my lovely African Angel!

You are my African Angel, my love and king
My African King you are to me as I am your Queen
Together we’d build our empire on the foundation of true love
A love cemented with faith, love and trust in the Creator
For He made the pairing so perfect, my love and king
In you I have found my better half, my lovely African Angel!

Thank God for you, my love...

Copy right © Golda Alexander June 2007.

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