- Size Rise Surprise: : Humour

I wanted a coffee so I went to a cafe
In order to drink a medium strength latte
I preferred to imbibe from a cup, not a pail
Because I'm a human, not some type of whale

I was a little concerned by their naming convention
Of 'Tall', 'Grande', 'Venti', I felt apprehension
I'm not a small person, and I don't eat small
But I didn't want to sip from a cup christened 'Tall'

'Is there one smaller than Tall', I appealed
To not have one, to me, just didn't seem real
She whispered furtively 'We have a kiddies size cup'
Well give me that and from that I will sup

I'm not a kiddy, I can eat a big meal
So what is it with this kiddies size deal
It used to be called normal, as I recall
But now it's kiddy size, I call that gall

(Sydney, Australia - 2007)

by Alessandra Liverani

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The words, 'Quasi dull clouded sky / with humming melodies' reveals an enchanting African evening.