African Husband's Agony


Out, out to be back no more
Now alone I can do what ever I want
No! Month have past
Oh! It’s not easy
I am separated blood from a pumping heart
I am grazing my forehead
Today I surely grunt
Instead of answering

Why did I lose my vein?
My graze
Grudge I feel
I have no one to grumble to
I have no one to chat and grasp
Before I gobble, but now who am I to gobble to

With your gloomy face
What I made you to be
My slave?
I am nobody to sing the gay song
I can’t gobble
I am fretful like you were before
I am lagging behind
I know

I have no clue
Please come to me
Astonish me
Clutch me
Like the past
Blood and vein

by Jamila.i. Bello girei

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