(7 September 1876 - 22 June 1938 / Auburn, South Australia)

African Interlude

I t'inkin' da war now go for stop
Between Black Sammo, da slush,
An' Nicko, da boss of da fry-fish shop.
All sound of da conflic' hush
Since da corner-a cop he putta da foot
Down firm an' talk tinna tack;
For Nicko see wer he notta so goot
If he make-a da beezness slack.

For da corner-a cop made food for t'ink
When he spika to Nick an' say
He apply-a da sanc' so quick like-a wink
An' Nicko, he have-a to pay.
If da customer stop for come to da shop
How da beezness carryin' on?
More better, Nick t'inkin', for war to flop
If he goin' for lose da mon'.

So da cop make term for da peace discush,
All da same like lig-a-da-Naish,
'Twix' Nicko, de boss, an' Sammo, da slush,
An' dey bote getta com-a-da-saish:
For Sammo he getta two Friday free
Each-a mont' for kick-a da heel;
An' Nicko he getta clean plate two, t'ree,
Four time for each-a day meal.

But, Nicko, he go wit' da t'oughtful eye
An' mooch-a; he shake-a da head;
He donna look like-a he satisfy
When all-a been done an' said.

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