(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)

African Night

Africa's night,
Africa's beauty;
Tales by moonlight,
Gathering around big trees with the muse of nature's light!
Hearing stories being told by the elders;
In African villages.

African Night,
African Beauty;
By the fire side!
Listening to folklore stories being told by the elders;
With the muse of 'Kwaku Ananse' playing a role in my culture.

African Night,
African Beauty;
Understanding the ways of life in Africa!
With the cultures and the traditions of the people,
In the continent of Africa.

Africa's night,
Africa's beauty;
With the muse of the colours in Africa! !
Giving respect to nature with the 54 countires within.

The birds!
The animals,
With plants, flowers and insects;
Viewing the landscapes of Africa with the praise of the rivers,
And, exposing the mountains of Africa to the world.

The continent of talents,
The continent of hopes and dreams,
The continent of beauty;
From Mother Nature! ! !

African Night,
African Love,
African Beauty;
Glad to be part of the African Identity.

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