African Princess

my skin has been kissed by the African sun
my feet have walked the African soil
the movement of my hips tell my story
the flash of my smile makes you forget your worry
the warmth of my eyes makes children smile
and when i start to talk everyone listens
who am i you may ask
i am a woman
i am an African woman
i am the backbone of every successful man
i am a woman
a daughter of mother nature
i am an African Princess

by topaz africa

Comments (10)

Well done Yonela! Your poems are marvelous and inspiring.
Appreciable idea bloomed in this poem.
worthy of royal recognition; truly you are and fully you'll be, one day an African Queen. Kuhle Ntombazana kuhle
AMANDLA, The African Princess- inspiring, keep it tight!
so beautiful, african princess!
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