(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)

African Rhythm

African rhythm,
The colours of Africa!
The people of Africa,
The cultures of Africa,
With the custom and the tradition;
Noted in each country in the continent.

African rhythm!
With the muse of the African people;
African rhythm,
With the ways of the various tribes in Africa;
African rhythm,
With the muse of the rivers, lakes and mountains;
And, with the muse of the jungles of Africa.

African rhythm,
With the labour of the African people;
And, with variuos talnets and the aroma of the heat of the sun.
The people!
The African people;
Colours, beauty, tribes, countries and languages.

African rhythm,
The poetry of Africa to the world!
In culture, tradition, custom, tribes and languages;
And, with the aroma of life like,
The literature coming out from various African villages.

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