African Ways

European ways are not African ways,
no respect for the traditions of ancient days,
not this logical, restricted and stagnant flow
I crave for that spiritual freedom and creative glow.

All our history was designed to define us, combine us refine us.
All their history did was to confine us, consign us and undermine us.
No time for the traits that built empires and kingdoms,
or the strength of character to fight for freedoms.
Instead there is a gathering of abuse, whitewashing of history,
and confinement to magic, legend and mystery.
Yet, we survived through all the pain
and still a strong and dignified people we remain.

The sacred laws of Ma'at - Truth, Justice and Harmony,
spiritually connected to the divine universal ceremony;
where each enchanting, distant and pulsating star,
was admired, celebrated and worshipped from afar.

Children of the wind share the moonlit night,
walking amongst people of the ancient light -
Ra in the very form of King Akhenaten,
god and man together, to the power of ten:
in Kemet, a magical place of some 3,000 years
shone its beacon across the world without fears,
brought comfort to the needy from aggressors
so much love was in the heart of the ancestors.

In times gone by, when Kush ruled the celestial cities
the minds of Africans were filled with magic and possibilities
then arose a king, Taharqa in name, and strength in deeds,
who laid foundations and tilled the soul with golden seeds
created grand designs, build temples and palaces
where worshipped and lived gods and all races.

Candace, queen of all in ancient Meroë, did win
a battle of minds against Alexander the Greek who had been
afraid to do battle with such a great general that day
who with her shining army did watch him run away.

A place in time where still was the wind at night
so that all ancestors could sleep until the daylight.
Where trade in gold and salt quenched the world's hunger
even the greed of a marauding barbarian and warmonger.

In unity there was ubuntu - I am because you are -
where there was no need for greed, disunity, strife or war;
in those times, African principles stood boldly to witness
daily dances, songs and celebration of togetherness.

The Moors resurrected civilisation from the dark ages;
a black people from Africa's mouth did speak of stages
in the development of European kings and states,
of papal influence and holy roman emperors determined
to hold power by any means necessary and undermined
all that African spiritual had taught in days gone by.
Through much suffering and pain Moors would die.

There was a great king of Mali, Mansa Musa was his name;
the world's richest man, even today remains the same.
A man of kindness, spirit, dignity and great compassion
who built a great empire and ruled a unified nation,
where there grew a thirst for knowledge, and Timbuktu
was another great African learning centre to rise anew.

Queen Nzingha, for thirty years with her fierce braves,
fought to defend her many people from becoming slaves.
And although European weapons did inflict damages
they were no match for her great cunning and strategies.

Enslaved, transported, and purchased in America
Maroons showed courage in resisting their captivity.
General Cudjoe, a brilliant leader from Gold Coast Africa
Displayed great determination, vision and positivity;
before Haiti, signed a treaty and was never defeated
acquired land, freedom and never mistreated.

African spirituality, over eight thousand years old,
They broke the body but never did own the spirit.
They were fearless warriors and traders of gold,
builders of temples, pyramids: kings and queens;
dancers, singers, educators, farmers and hunters.
Powerful, faithful, strong of mind and had the means.

Bless the ancestors, the wise ones and even the fools,
since upon their hearts were written universal rules
that built civilisations lasting thousands of years;
and today we salute their achievements with tears,
never to forget ancient stelae, great pyramids and sphinx,
and enriching the world with commerce and trade links.
Against deserts and weather where life had not been kind,
their ingenuity and hidden histories uplifted mankind.


by Linford Sweeney

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