Poem By Demar Henry

Too much racial prejudice is exercised
In this society where I reside
I find that often I am ostracized
Just cause I am 'black' I am pushed to the side

While growing up I was told lies
That if I was not related to someone with blue eyes
Then I would never rise

To the creme of the crop
I should dream and just stop
“You will never be as good as them”

But how can white be better than black?
How can black be better than white?
The popular saying is “we all are precious in God’s sight.

But some of the same
Who quote that saying
Are secretly praying
For our lifestyles to get sleazier
So they can criticize us much easier

But might be if we act more civilized
Then the co called “superior race”
Will come to respect us
And reject us No More

Why is the Negro Race so poor?

Its like there is a blindfold over our eyes
Its full time we come to realize
We don’t need to compromise
For low quality
We can ‘step up’!

Lets refocus our attention from the fancy logos, jewelry, and others
And pay attention to helping our sisters and brothers

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