Aft' The Morrow', Our Love Had Set.

Do not stop this still beating heart,
That beats still more with
A shaking-aching murmer...
My love for thee, stays ever the most, firmer.
Fathom this-my unswept heart...
Matched together and never, be we part.
A sorrowed feeling embraces me...
For the morrow' your love of thee,
Parts far away from a sorrowed me.
Can'st thou cherish my thought of thee? ...
Hopely, forever to never ever flee.
Forgive all hurt my past did beset...
'Till we joined together, our love had set.

by Michael Gale

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To see our place, then move on in a band of hope and love, this is a beautiful thing You have much talent here Micheal, but then, when did you not! Love Duncan X