The Harvester

Hate and corruption they are my creed
To create a harvest out of this seed
A harvest of souls is what I need
Because i do enjoy watching you bleed

Building an army from torture and despair
Makes the most empathetic person not care
There is one thing you can share
Something potent that caught you unaware

That is the disgust of the human race
If you look close it's on every face
Because humans are a disgrace
Soon death will put you in your place

You destroy the earth and you chance
To continue life's big dance
I think it's all a circumstance
Of humanities oblivious trance

You must change before it's too late
Or I will bring you to your fate
Stop the destruction, stop the hate
Or you heads will rest on my plate.

by Owen Smith

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..........very nice, vivid and imaginative ★
A hundred years is a long time.
Always a pleasure to read :)
Always a pleasure to read :)