After A Long Night

im getting tired with all this shit
pretending tough in times of defeat
i thought you're here to help me stand
guess i was wrong you're not my man

and here i go sitting on my chair
staring at the walls, cradling my beer
drinking with passion, endless humor
forgetting everything, trying

to forget the love that leads in vain
to forget the carress that brought me pain
all the unshed tears that my eyes cant take
i want to forget, yes i want to forget

i look at the picture in my bedroom stand
beside the bed where we shared the fire
reminiscing the ecstacy that once course in my veins
and then burying it, after the passion ends

the moon is my witness, the bottles my judge
as i sign the papers that will cut you in my life
sighing heartfully after this long night
tomorrow ill start another day, without you by my side...

signed: L.L.052506

by learza legna

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