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Green-Eyed Suicide

Green-Eyed Suicide
With life such a blur
Wrists scarred from back to front
This is the life for her
This Green-Eyed Suicide
So beautiful as she breaks
Hurting so much more
With every smile she fakes
Shes feeling like shes lost
There is no other way out
Lately its only suicide
Thats all she thinks about
Covered up in bruises
From the parents who should love
The ones who should hold her
But never show a gentle touch
Alone as far as she can tell
She only has her best friend
Though she thinks no one loves her
And is determined this is the end
She doesn't know I love her
She doesn't know how much I care
Now she never will
For she is hanging there
I wish I could've saved her
Before her days were through
She was my best friend
And I gave the only love she knew
Now she lies so lifeless
So beautiful through my tear-stung eyes
She was everything to me
And now she is a Green-Eyed Suicide

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I love the title: a phone call 'with' my wife, not 'to', as most of us might say. That paves the way for the spontaneous thought, and what a warm, well-explained one it is. Who was it said 'The path of true love never runs smoothly'? As for the craziness of dislike or hatred where there used to be love... yes... so insensible, your observation of it poignant in the context. A fine write, Max. t x
Sweet poem, Max. I understand precisely what you are addressing here. I echo the sentiment. Thoughts like these crossed my mind the other day; what a journey, if you've the tenacity to tough the hard rains out. It's like two survivors who respect the other one for making it through too; an extroadinary process of all emotions and kismet. Lovely way of putting things.
Hey, so we did! I like yours better though! Hugs Anna xxx