After A Summer Rain

Long it seems we waited—
clouds were piled high with promise
lightning, thunder, darkened skies—
but little moisture given.

Now this morning—early—
sky that's mostly overcast
the presence of the sun sensed only
in a few bright patches in the eastern sky—

now we walk—ourselves or with our dogs—
on sidewalks still with water stained
see puddles holding trees and sky
and rain beads thick on bushes we pass by…

We move in cool moist air
welcome it on necks and shoulders…
Everything about me seems subdued
by an unspoken deep-felt gratitude.

by Glen Kappy

Comments (1)

WOW! This is a quiet poem which does not dramatize the violent storm which occurs off stage so to speak. We get the uncertainty of waiting, then the aftermath of relief and (one of your central themes) gratitude for what has been given. It's amazing how often you find quite effortlessly events, thoughts, experiences, scenes that make you grateful. And so you approach the larger mystery of God's presence indirectly from its effects to its cause. Everywhere you find a divine persuasion you pass on to us. I can take a long walk in this spirit!