WT (18-april-1991 / Panama)

After All

After all, I've felt some freedom
the free spirited mind that travels world
being amazed with all the new
living every moment on the edge.

You begin to think then,
I don't have to do this;
you begin to think then,
really, I don't care so much;
you begin to think then,
huh? doesn't make sense anymore.

All you've been struggling for
all you've been wishing for
do it right now, no more left then.

I'll regret it, maybe;
I'm feeling the regret right now
I'm trying to avoid it
I'm not going to do more.

I'll begin to fulfill my promises
those promises I've always started
and ended and started and ended.
I'll do my best, no doubt
I want to fulfill it,
and never postpone it anymore.

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It is indeed beautiful, i love your skill! ^^