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After All This Time

It’s been seventeen years since you saw her
And spoke to her
And held her hand
And held her close
And let her down
How you stopped calling
Too busy
With other women

And now she’s told you
After seventeen years
What you did to her
How you broke her heart
And broke her soul
Took away her trust
And her self respect
And her will to live

She told you
After all this time
How she cried
Racked with grief
Like her life was over

How you shaped her
And her future loves
Where she took her revenge
In relationships tainted by her
In the same way you had tainted yours

But she thanks you
Says ‘it’s all good’
So much fun
Better not to care
Or worry
There’s joy in destroying others

And now you tell her
After all this time
After seventeen years
How much she really meant to you
That you’re sorry that you got it wrong
That you didn’t realise
How much you loved her
That you didn’t realise
That you were breaking her down
Changing her life

Too little
Too late

by tru lee

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