After An Act Of Utter Surrender

The myseries and the disharmonies
of the experience of
‚the absence of God‘ give way.

Affirmation takes the place of negation.
The cloud of unknowing is pierced
by rays of light.

After an act of utter surrender
which gives the self a footing in Eternity
the old centres of consciousness
are abandoned and there is
a movement towards the new.

The transcendental self,
that spark of the soul
which is united to the Absolute life,
invades more and more
the seat of personality.

by Genova Maaa my mother

Comments (1)

The enigma and conflict of the trial the mystic experiences with the feeling of ‘the absence of God’ during the dark night fade away. Assertion takes the place of denial and the darkness/gloom is penetrated by beams of golden light. When the mystic fully surrenders, it gives the self a balanced base in infinity and the old layers of awareness are discarded and advances are made towards the new. The divine self, that flicker of the spirit which is one with the absolute permeates more and more the centre of the mystic's persona.