In Your Poisoned Wounds

In your poisoned wounds
Fall the shadows of burning planets
The splitting breakers of foaming oceans
Your invisible paths going through raging storms
You spread like lightning flashes through my heart
And I grew in this darkness.

My back will be of darkness when you will
Lash me with lightning
For one moment my back will turn into darkness
When you will come back in flashes
From the undulating shadows of burning planets
Into the grapes of my poisoned wounds.

by Dilip Chitre

Comments (15)

difficult poem but i like poem
i like it is shows emotion and detail
long sleep, long life, men.
Awesome I like this poem, check mine out
i love this poem. actually the poet has depict the apples with the worldly desires, his effory may take him to top, with gaining more and more, his desires has been acquainted with lust, he realize lately it was a useless effort and he is tired of the worldly gains, in urdu we called it firs, then he might fall from the top with all apples here n there, this is the worldy gains, he might be tired to a sleep and may be awaken to a new dawn if wished by God, however who remain humble n gratefull to God, with contentment, n simplicity no matter how adversity greet them a humble genius is revealed.
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