Happiest Moments

Happiest moments

We will join
And remain
Concerned with anxiety
That shall make you little happy

Yes, you have passed through stage
That was troublesome and considered as black phase
It took you to the corner
And that possible led you to the anger

Life is not the same
So we can't claim
Any kind of immunity
As life is continuing with beauty

I have opted for love
As I silently believe
In forming some kind of bond
And that shall stand none to second

I trust you in full
And respond to call
With no fear in mind
As you were. So far, so kind

I shall be relieved
If you really believed
And remained present
In my happiest moments

by Hasmukhlal Amathalallal

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Almost fell down a steep precipice once when on a walk down at night from a huge inland cliff along a tiny footpath, saved only by shrubs to hold on, and by not being aware of the danger. On comin down I received a mysterious message about the stars & moon
This is a fine poem, and Mary Oliver is a fine poet. But this poem was written by William Stafford, not Mary Oliver! Please correct.
What poet doesn't recognise this 'climb'?