After-Care Of Your New Tattoo

Remove the dressing
after one hour
then wash your tattoo
with soap and warm water
until all the dried blood
has gone.
Rinse well with clean water,
pat dry.
After a few days
a light scab will form.
Keep the tattoo clean,
avoid dust,
grease, oil, cement,
If you use a sunbed,
cover tattoo with a cloth
or tissue.
A tattoo is for life,
not just for Christmas.

by Pete Crowther

Comments (2)

I followed these instructions to the letter and am happy to say my tattoo healed quite well indeed... not that many will ever see it, mind you. *wink* It never occurred to me to convert the care instructions into a poem - but I can't say as I don't like what you've done here. Truth be told, you had this reader with the title.
very funny poem, Peter.