HRH (Jan 14 1954 / Bardford Pa)

I Am Still Alive !

The whole year, The twelfth months, The three hundred and sixty-five days, The days, The nights, The hours, The minutes, The seconds, The good things, The bad things, The good deeds and the bad deeds, Ups and downs, Anywhere and everywhere, Anytime and every time, The rainy days, The clear days, Where? When? What? Who? The pretty clouds, The sweet moon, The rising sun smiles, The sad clouds cry, The fourth directions, It's cloudy, It's windy, It's sunny, In the desert, On top of the mountain, The whole globe is a small village, I am still alive in a lonely tent Somewhere, I do love life, but I am still alive! I am a poor refugee, but I have a great hope to survive !


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