After Death, Is Life Too Late?

God don’t put your middle finger up at me
Love comes from the word yesterday
I have one question to ask?
Why did you take my angel away
God bless her soul, they don’t know
How could they? They wasn’t there
An angel in your life is important
Mind’s gone, I know not where
No-one is in a position to question God’s logic
He does what he sees fit to do
But, his actions changed my life in a heartbeat
I guess these things we have to go through
She didn’t come home one afternoon
Life wasn’t sober or alert
Out of my life my angel gone
In my heart, her ashes, my hurt
God, I want to ask you another question?
But, I’m too afraid of the gate
I rejoice in you, but I want to know
after death, is life too late?

by Eugene Kitt

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