After It Happens

It only seems to matter more.
After it happens.
Not before an event,
Promises to heat.
Ignored with no one,
Making an attempt to prevent it.

It only then matters more.
With blame to place.
And accusations to excuse.
Like children who refuse,
To acknowledge what they started.
Or being present to know what began.
Close to throwing a tantrum,
With a beginning of a dance.
Waving both hands in denial.

People know what they do and say.
To perform an intent meant,
They are conscious of to not mistake it.

People know what they say to choose.
And do it to expect a reaction.
When that reaction to expect,
Does not happen for them to get.
Back to the drawing board they go.
Angered and disappointed.
That what they did to do,
Sizzled into a fizz.
Was not the yelling and screaming,
They prepared to hear.
But did not receive.

People know what they say and do.
To pretend it had not been pre-meditated.
And after it happens,
With a reaction not to expect.
They will say to another to have it heard,
How something is wrong with someone else...
Who ignored them like they didn't exist.

"What did you do?
What did you say? "

- It wasn't me.
They started it first.-

Started 'what' first? "

- You know.
Acting all weird and strange.-

I can imagine how that started."

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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