After Liberating....

After liberating the lands and towns
The auctions and intrigues starts
Everyone became the editor of what was raped
This is what we saw yesterday and today
And what we will see tomorrow
This is what we expected from Flunky
Everyone knows without the help of the West
Daesh and terrorist remained for a while there
All were sheep and rabbits, and they were silent at least
If not supportive and supportive, not even a participant
For the Daesh and the terrorists in this disgraceful act
Yes, after the liberated of the lands and towns
The voices rose and the noise and noise increased
We have seen and hear threat and intimidation
The claim for remuneration has begun as an acquired right
Even at the expense of others
Thus the weak and the poor will be lost
This does not have any supporter or assistant
In front of Foolish and arrogant and arrogant
Who ask help without the right?
From empowered and influential
What we have to do: is to say to you, God with you
You who was looted and stole your home and your humiliation
And you are abandoned from your house, your town, and your land
And destroyed and burned your homes and churches
Yes, God will take your right, which will be lost
And you, the foolishness, we leave you to the almighty God

Majid Gaggi

by Majid Gaggi

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