Reentry Of Chance

Four women who were in love with me
In my youth have now become widows
In succession after fifty years.
Not a widower as I'm, I am helpless.

by Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

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Nice lines.. The whole world dreamed of this, and has it now. Nor was the waking easy. The dull root Is jealous of its death; the sleepy brow Smiles in its slumber; and a heart can fear The very flood it longed for, roaring near. The spirit best remembers being mute.
Amazing narration of plight during drought and sigh of relief and awe due to thunder storm and heavy rains at the end of it's lengthy spell. Thanks for sharing.
This is amazing, did they really have droughts before global warming?
Through Drought, poet painted the agony of life and post happiness as thunder, rain and......
i had to recite this at school...i fell in love with it...j.i.