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After Reading An Article On Illegal Asian Immigration
(April 16 1972 / Scotsboro, Alabama)

After Reading An Article On Illegal Asian Immigration

Poem By Byron Headrick

I have not known the
Salty taste the ocean
Leaves settled in the
Mouths of drown victims
That died trying to become

Or the passion
Burning the throat like
Bile but sweet fermenting
Into desire that fills
The mind of those
Packed inside container
Ship boxes overflowing
(Not only with the stench
Of human excrement
And those producing it)
But mostly hope.

I did not agree to pay
$35,000 with
Money, I did not have
Bartering my body
Into prostitution, crime
Or worse for years to
Repay this debt if I
Survive to set foot upon
That shore.

There was no pain,
Fear of death,
Money spent.

I was born into
This dream of hope, freedom
And opportunity. The
Question I find lingering
In the base of my mind
Simply is…

If I was there
I risk to be here?

Would you?

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Comments (2)

Your peoms talks about the blatant reality and inspite of everything said and done people still want to go to US- the land of oppurtunities, leaving their families an dloved ones behind. They just want to be there and earn lots of money- they are willing to put their lives at stake for this. The question is it really worth going at any cost? We are own destiny makers, god has given us the mental strength and power- what we can do in other country can be done in our own country also. I wish people could have faith in themselves.
the poem begs another question. Why exactly is there so much disparity in standards of living between nations. And would people bother risking their lives this way if there was not? and why do we (as a so called global economy) make it illegal for people for simply live and work where ever they please?