After Tempers Flare To Cool

Whatever that need is to float one's boat,
In a selfish process to go one's own way...
That finds them returning,
To invoke upon someone loved...
A remorse that is felt,
After realizing that boat that floats...
Has gone too far off course.
With a hurting that has been done.
Begins to strengthen a molding of a hold.

There is an advantage being taken.
Of the one who has the patience.
AND unconditional love served and clear,
To accept with tolerance...
One who doesn't know what a good thing is.
And is near.
Maybe what is done IS a good thing.

Since it becomes more obvious to them both,
There is a missing of each other that occurs.
And gets stronger each time...
After tempers flare to cool.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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