Two Liners (Snippets Of Life31-40)

31. Destiny's Gift

He fixed son's wedding with all readying
But upped to shower heavenly blessing

32. Observation

Two crows challenged one on one in triplets
Joining the challenge a chick in duplets

33. Atlast

She gushed breaking all the man-written fate
Cauveri came for Pushkar fest in spate

34. News Papers' English

Ceaseless presence of too many new words
Reading becomes disgusting being off words

35. Mobile Sympathy

They shot and shot till the boy fell on earth
While stray dogs were gnawing the child to death

36. Disparity In Pitying

He rescued the monkeys used for begging
But left helpless the gypsies with begging

37. World Is Too Much

World has too much of knowledge for its mirth
World book is more heavier than the earth

38. Allusively That Night

'Come down my star, closer' he told the sky
Star came too closer.The rest watched the sky

39. Mixie Chops

Power failed.In haste she stirred with her hand
In haste power came to chop off her hand

40. Sacred Ganga

She has long been cleaning up our sins, but
Whose waste who to clean up in today's threat

by Indira Renganathan

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well done brother, , its really nice