Internal Conflict

I feel helpless
what can I do for him
he won't let me in,
but he never really could

Maybe I'm being selfish
for wishing that we could be friends
maybe I'm being naive
for thinking that you want to
but how many times have you told me
that you want to spend time with me
talk with me
sit in silence with me

but he says it to everyone
I know that better than he does
and he knows better than me
that I will always be there for him
touch him, hold him, kiss him if he wants,
just care for him
even if he thinks no one does

But by the time you get this
We will probably have seen each other
Exchanged looks of helplessness
Told stories
Shared wishes
And my hope is restored

But there is always a thought
in the back of my mind
That he’s with me because I’m
his last resort
his second or even third choice
why now after they are
all gone is our friendship

but it doesn’t matter to me anymore
that’s just how it goes

by Katherine Rhodes

Comments (6)

That word was 'HAPPY'...? ? ? ? 1969.. I thawt the word was 'HIPPY'.. wow.. if you rewrote it now.. tink of how epic the poem would be with all the extra flavoured additives and GMO divergences... (tinking more about it.. you probably have written it.. and I just haven't got round to reading it yet) ..: ~)
This is so intense......It sort of remnds me of stuff I've read by Isaac Asminov...I enjoyed it!
'For after us there shall not be a so-called human, this time is past- just giant insects we have raised with DDT, with intellect and nitroblast.' Excellent work, i really love that stanza The future looks dark and pure intellect is not going to help us Your poem makes me this the way we want it to be? With love Pia
I had not seen this one of yours before, Herbert. A bleak, horrific, scifi scenario, well told, and regrettably too apt to occur
Wow Thats heavy.......What a great description!
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