After The Rain

Walking is wisdom
People go out
Leaving their comfort unstitched
Each step is pulling the yoke
A great sunrise
What drives them out
And keep running
Pushing back each rock
That hinders their way?
I am sure it is an invisible spirit
That breathes inside
A special gift of God them
Not for women
A message for those
Shouting for equality
Yesterday rain hit hard
Like the strip on the fur
And the man with his umbrella
Like a broken sieve
Staggering fast
Due to his twisted leg
Crossed the road
Where ditches were rungs
I made my comeback
Though in the morning
my mind had been
The kettle on the fire
And like him crossed
The subway to reach my point

Coming back is the best harvest
After sowing seeds of going out
And Walking is their water to grow

by Mohd Arshad

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