After The Revolution --- Ukraine 1921

I remember when I was a little girl
We had nothing to eat,
N place to go,
There on the streets
Many people were lying
On the sidewalks,
Swollen form hunger.
They hardly can talk,
They were just moaning.
The next day
The trucks were loading
The bodies on one another.
The awful odor was around,
We had real hunger that time
It was year nineteen hundred twenty one.
I remember that well.
We had God's blessing
And we survived.
Now I have to thank
To one above
For creation of the
Beauty all around.
I thank of rising of the sun,
For the drops for dew on the grass,
I thank for singing birds in the spring,
I think for smell of flowers,
For the wind in the field,
For the moon with the silver light form the sky
I thank for everything
He created on Earth.
And I thank that I am not hungry any more...

by Margarita Borzakiwska


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