On The Streets Of The Ordinary Town

The trucks and the cars on the main road to and from the bigger towns buzz up and down
And little does seem to be happening on the streets of the ordinary town
In this place I feel like a stranger though for that the fault may be all mine
I don't go to the pub to mix with the locals and chat with them as we drink beer and wine
Many of the locals are quite friendly they smile at me and say hello
But in their midst I am a stranger and friendship between us won't grow
We bond with those who share similar interests that much about life I do know
I am from the place of the badger, the rook and the silver backed crow,
In this town I may be a stranger but in this town I haven't a foe
There was a time when I was homesick but that was a long time ago,
Homesick for the fields and the wooded places far inland from Hibernia's shore
And for the old hill known as Clara that overlooks green Claramore
But back there now I would feel a stranger from there I've been too long away
So here as an ordinary fellow in the ordinary town I will stay.

by Francis Duggan

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This is nice poetry. Enjoyed thoroughly.
we can learn , from the great poems every day. thanks for sharing.
Such a brilliant poem by Derek Walcott.....
Great write. Nice expression.