Ashes From The Stars

The winding road to your heart
twisted sharply at the last corner.
My despair bled copiously, sinking
its lament´s eyes on my throat…

And that lump choked me; stole the fugitive
tendrils of air which drowned
precipitous into agony´s

I besought on my hammered knee-caps,
while soreness befriended indifference;
I murdered my pride with bare hands,
oblivious to forgiveness…

O dark, gloomy luminaries that twinkle in derision´s radiance…

What eerie malevolence brews
in your core?
How many tongues must I pray
in to request a meager, puny
morsel of compassion?

I tire, I tire relentlessly as my words backfire and sear my love´s
visage. Tonight I relinquish all of me in dire intent to have a slice
of opportunity bestowed upon.

This very isolated instant of existence;
I draw hope´s last spawn
from my soul´s side pouch to be blessed
with a minute of her affection;
not to be smothered in a forgotten heap…

Ashes from the stars…

by Mystique Wizzard

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This is nice poetry. Enjoyed thoroughly.
we can learn , from the great poems every day. thanks for sharing.
Such a brilliant poem by Derek Walcott.....
Great write. Nice expression.