(August 02,1992 / Davao City)

After The Whirlwind Love Story Of Two Fools Fooling Each Other

Why should i be upset of losing you,
If you're not worthy to have me too?
You're a drunkard and a chain smoker
You're a gamer and a pervert story maker
That should be enough to convince me that what Im doing is such a time waster

Oh hell yeah, Ive created a very nice love story in my head
Its about you and me surrounded with your favorite color red
Now i just cant get it out that easily
coz its been entertaining me lately
Its a very great story that I messed up so early

A smile is painted in my face everytime I reminisce
Our conversations and exchange of sweet nothings
Those things may not really be sincerely said
But it made us smile, didn't it?

I'm absolutely not hurt for what had happened to us but im blue
bcoz of this pang of conscience to what Ive done to you..
And i just feel sorry for myself that I've been so dumb not to take the chance to believe in love when I should have.

I am happy with the kind of relationship we had
But you've ruined it and I dont understand
Im still wondering why youve made that
we had our sincerest conversation before you took a shower
now im puzzled what happened when you were taking a shower
why all of a sudden US turns to NEVER.

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Pablo Neruda

If You Forget Me

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[comment to the last two stanzas] i think i was the one who said that US will be NEVER. And thats why i think Im dumb..hehe...We were starting to gain and build trust to each other.. we were starting to open our real selves..he was becoming a real friend.. and so i said that we'll be very good as friends..and US will never happen, realistically speaking..although i was the one who said goodbye but i didn't mean it to be the last goodbye...I just said goodbye bcoz i thought he's busy...bwahaha..and that was the reason why he remove as his friend in fb..hahahaha.. petty thing.