After We Met - 01

Waiting of the millennium

Ended, at this

Moment of Our beautiful Meeting,

Those eyes, the same face,

With the same hazel eyes..

With the same bluish looks.

It was the moment,

The moment of our union

After infinite waiting

For ages, for lives

For being one with you

For quenching all the blue thirst

The thirst for being with you

Along the roads of the days.

Around the beds of nights,

En route to the road till Death.

With that single look you cast

You brought back in me

Every thing that I had lost

In the dustbin of Time

All those moments of ecstasy:

full of your looks and smiles,

Touches Bathed with

Your Smells and fragrances

I got myself back.

by Subhas Chandra Chakra

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Touching poem in free verse! Thanks for sharing, poet - it's a marvellous piece!
Nice one...touching my heart....
Amazing poem....what a great poem....I enjoyed this....10++++++++++++++++++
*****************REZA HUNTER LION HERO...Go HOME in because for ZERO
It was the moment/The moment of our union/After infinite waiting/For ages, for lives...These captivating lines drags me to read this beautiful poem time and again! It's my favorite poem!
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