Rhyme Royal Or Rime Royale - 4

Be one of the virtuous souls, my soul
Persuading my complex brain and mind,
Then fill with a full well my every moul;
Living in sphere of evil hard to find
True something for the perturbed brain and mind,
For that the world is burning directly
The devils are forcing fire playfully.

Copyright © Muzahidul Reza │ 7 January,2017

by Muzahidul Reza

Comments (15)

Awesome poem with great detail! Love it!
A powerful poem of personal loss. I am curious why you chose the other sun to be 35 times greater than our own, but I enjoyed the great way you put its explosion and demise as a green spot on the astronomer's retina, but no-one to tell, except us, your readers.
I love this poem. Beautiful, rich, the world of nature sounds lovely.
The depths a poet can cover with such nonchalance. Captured here in After years.
Excellent Metaphors, love it!
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