What Is That 'Eye' Sees?

Looking at the mirror
I gaped,
The echoed image blurs out an
Obscure knowingly unknown silhouette
Staring at me with inquisitorial eyes,
What is it?
Real or apparition that I know not.
Is it 'I'? - May be,
But in what way can I know for certain?
The images eye sees, I believe,
Shall I must do so?
The notion perturbs me
Is it all some kinda dream?
How can one be sure?
How can one be indubitable?
Of what eyes see
Can it not be some kooky projection
Of our mind scape?
Is it possible?
We all are living but in our head trips.

by Arnab Chaudhuri

Comments (20)

The sad feeling from the poem which is about the death and that too from the great poet. exquisite.
God's patience. That exquisite phrase says it all.
again death gets nothing much out of its behaviour
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what a wonderful poem.....................
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