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inser that line with short blitz noticed
come with me as we hammock the carcasses
in my head as my eyes fall

in a bloodbath of time spinning
dragging one foot over the other
summon thy strength to renew

the brink of my thumping vein
in a split second, a heartskip swiveled
space entwined and cottonweb wine

whats come to the judgement of my own decline
can i not venture alone to overrule the Fates
as your eyes behold their wasting away?

chains in chorus thru the unempty fields
as we mold the desire of unerring - it speaks
of truth and laid down promises.

but in all the trenches we've collected
hamper to the mercy of thy fading breath
as i breathe in thoroughly another life within

and send thine swiftly to the omen of the sea
as no man can percieve the immortal amour
of passion thorn apart by injustice and unconformity

roused by the time as much to free the dawn
dropt from the zenith and capture its puissance
to overpower the forger of thunderbolts.

crippled and landed, as i took thy hand
away from the clutches of its destructive fire
unbesieged by its armor and lamed axe

bringing thy forth from across all the seas
empowering thy mystic golden apple - to quench
the fire with your unending elegant hymns.

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