Poem By Chel sea

Standing here, wondering what happened to all we had
I can no longer keep harboring over the past
That even though you made things go from good to bad
I still will always have you in my heart, a piece that will last
Tucked away for no one to see
I’ll hold onto that for as long as I can
That this little piece is only for me
It’s hard to understand that in the matter of a day everything hit the fan
I hate always wishing that I could go back
But if I could, I would hate to re-live the aftermath again
Because it took too long for my life to kind of get on track
I will never again let you in
Your face, your smile, oh it’s so lethal and deadly to me
I see you for one second and I die inside
Knowing I’m a mess to see
I try to get away and hide
My heart has grown cold
I myself have become numb to pain
I am no longer courageous and bold
Because I’ve been killed in the rain
I wish my heart wasn’t as hard as stone
I can no longer let anyone in because of you
You’re the main component that I’m all alone
The one who made me not make it through
Lying awake at night trying to breath in
But see it as what you’ve done
I cant so now it seems like you win
Because now I’m starting to run
Slowly dying and fading away
Someone save me from this mess you made
Killing me inside everyday
I re-live my death over and over until I totally fade
That will be any day now
Unless someone comes to catch me
Maybe someone will fix me somehow
Because this isn’t how I want to be
Distant memories are starting to erase
Soon they’ll be no signs of you being here
I’m no longer haunted as much by your face
Because I’m finally moving on, my future’s clear
I guess I can thank you for what you taught me
Never let anyone control the way you feel
Never let someone steal your memory
And always learn from a past mistake and be real

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