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Afternoon In Summer

Afternoon In Summer

Poem By Glenn Bagshaw

Cloud-popping, blue-raved summer sky
with light stuck out like a tongue:
you're the gorgon's gaze
to a warm, dry earth
charmed almost stone.
For voice the sweeping laugh
of wind's your way.
Even the morning-marvelling birds
are almost crazed in the bright wideness
of your tuned world.
They cry the sun-thrilled call of:
Sky! Sky! Sky!
Wings fling in tree-tipped reach of vaulted runs
sun-dialed in time-
Inches the touch of thrifty night-
and, with thumb smudged in shadows,
snuffs out the light.

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Comments (3)

I agree completley, this poem is wonderfully described. A beautiful scene depicted very skillfully.
The last 2,3 lines are a painterly contrast with the first 2 -3, Linda
Very visually appealing....I like the concept and the way you portrayed it. But something about the line 'with light stuck out like a tongue' ruins the flow of the poem...maybe you could twist it a little to make it sound smoother.