(July 19 1983 / )

Afternoon Longings 2

A good afternoon to you my sweet one
and I hope that your day has been good
and you have been filled with all of
my warmth and love I so strongly send
with all of my heart and soul to no end,
I so adore you and long for your touch
as we just snuggle along as we so lovingly talk,
to get lost in one of our long conversations
and just spend time with each other
like we so want and need to.
I love you so much and long for the time
when I can look straight in your eyes and say
I love you sweet babe and pull you in
for a sweet kiss and the biggest of hugs,
as I sit here you're all that I want.

As I sit here sweet lady just reading and drifting
it is you I long for to have here beside me,
to talk and to serve and have the grandest of times,
I just long for and want to be with you
my most beautiful and precious sweet Angel dove.
So I send you sweet kisses full of deep loving passion
and huge hugs full of deep warmth and true caring,
I will always stand by you my gorgeous Angel,
I don't want to lose the greatest treasure from heaven.
I'm thinking of you and sending all of my love
because Kira you are the greatest and I just long to hold you.

by Michael P. McParland

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