This note comes as a consolation:

You can do a lot of things
With your left hand.
Besides, fascist Dronacharyas warrant
Left-handed treatment.

You don’t need your right thumb,
To pull a trigger or hurl a bomb.

(First published in Indian Literature)

by Meena Kandasamy

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THREE: Great Congratulations for the family and offspring of the honorable Dorothy Parker. For the vote a myriad of 10's. This is truly a true POEM, serious and yet I am laughing sardonically in the end, because of her subtile humor. Genius! Thank you so much Poem Hunter Team to have chosen this as TCPOTD.
TWO: those blessed years Were further than they be! Loveliest, very touching and yet with a tint of irony, typical for the poetess, but so very uplifting to read and....I have read a truly CLASSIC and CLASSY Poem. Such an excellent choice of POEM HUNTER and TEAM to choose this mesmerizing poem as CLASSIC POEM OF THE DAY!
ONE: Such a most beautiful poem about being old. This poem is truly unique! It starts immediately with the title AFTERNOON, this is meant metaphorically, afternoon and not morning, and such loveliest sweet end rhymes. As readers we KNOW that the poetess is not really old yet, just read the last stanza, I'll cite here: But oh, I wish
And I'll forget the way of tears, And rock, and stir my tea. But oh, I wish those blessed years Were further than they be! .............so touching and amusing. A beautiful poem shared amazingly.
A wonderful poem, beautifully written.
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