The Mhs Class Of 77

Re: Thank You to unknown
tom, dick, harry, tam, dame,
or dana from the MHS Class of 77,
though this alum
experiences public education
within lower providence jurisdiction

as a bum
er - minimally partaking advantage
of extra-curricular,
collegiate, inter-mural,
et cetera opportunities,

no not even a figurative crum
well nigh convey an impression of being dumb
bull door, deaf, and blind (with out faith no more) ,

nor passing love notes from
some anonymous girl, who
(after leaving a teasing message
informed asper getting a smart haircut

in ninth grade civics class
taught by Missus Comly
(do not quote me on my
power fully pointed excel lent spelling,
telling nothing, when out of desperation
I experience primal yelling)
this singular potential fledgling flirtation,

the extent from student,
who appeared morose and rather glum
exposing such vulnerability to be hum
millie hated, and bullied relentlessly,

whereat i wish to be a little boy
comforted by me mum
since that option out of the question,
thus aye didst never meet Miss Mot Toe
(e plumbs e num) , perhaps cuz eye whiz numb

body, mind and spirit triage as if inebriated by rum
imagining the fighting spirit within me to thumb
or rather "flip the bird" to those,
this then anxiety prone

metaphorically rolling stone
whose metaphorical diet of worms also included
eating picked over sun bleached
un beak coming road kill crow - how yum

me does that seem, but gnome hatter
how grossly said foul dish
spurred via carrion (an analogy
representing verbal taunting

best left for hitch cocked birds)didst not appeal
not in the least did i give nasty brutes a "what for",
twas fear of getting creamed, fricasseed, irradiated...

sans to stand proud and tall
(all five and a half feet, but blunted maximum height
topped off just shy of seventy inches -
in reference to yours truly)against bullies

to this very day such emotional repercussions congeal
asper anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic...,
which physiological symptoms served psyche not to feel
and only of late (particularly with daily intake of about
a half doe zen pharmacological prescription medications

do check and induce schizoid personality disorder
(the diagnosis encompassing,
the gamut mental health issues)to heel
akin to a well trained service dog, which fractured

psychological state i.e. garrison to pitch and toss
upon the precarious tipping point i.e.
surpassing the tipping point,
where thy body electric doth keel,

which precarious state finds me socially awkward,
and off kilter, and maybe this chap
ought to take a page
from professional athletes playbook,
and take a knee qua to kneel

hence this improvisational explanation
why yours truly felt discombobulated
to attend the recently held reunion,
now aye wanna axe something serious, and fur real,

which essentially constitutes whether
a current list of 1977 students,
who received their high school diploma
could be sent to me, whereby at least one alumni
could buffer end this contemplative, intuitive,
and pence eave guttersnipe wannabe with zeal.

hie haint gonna hold ma breath,
neither let loose lips help miss ink moll itty bitty sinker agog
nor wait fir any religious chief such as allah
boot nothing

by matthew harris

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THREE: Great Congratulations for the family and offspring of the honorable Dorothy Parker. For the vote a myriad of 10's. This is truly a true POEM, serious and yet I am laughing sardonically in the end, because of her subtile humor. Genius! Thank you so much Poem Hunter Team to have chosen this as TCPOTD.
TWO: those blessed years Were further than they be! Loveliest, very touching and yet with a tint of irony, typical for the poetess, but so very uplifting to read and....I have read a truly CLASSIC and CLASSY Poem. Such an excellent choice of POEM HUNTER and TEAM to choose this mesmerizing poem as CLASSIC POEM OF THE DAY!
ONE: Such a most beautiful poem about being old. This poem is truly unique! It starts immediately with the title AFTERNOON, this is meant metaphorically, afternoon and not morning, and such loveliest sweet end rhymes. As readers we KNOW that the poetess is not really old yet, just read the last stanza, I'll cite here: But oh, I wish
And I'll forget the way of tears, And rock, and stir my tea. But oh, I wish those blessed years Were further than they be! touching and amusing. A beautiful poem shared amazingly.
A wonderful poem, beautifully written.
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