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why did i fall for it again
why did i make myself start to begin
i wish i could have her again
i wish we could go another round
without all those frowns
i just wish they would put me in the ground
i still have not found
all the right reasons to frown
i just feel so down
i wish i would have found
that grave that has my name on the ground
before i came to town
i just want to get down
pray my heart away
but i still cannot be found
please god just hear me say
i want to go the right way
where i can still pray
and be able to pay
my respects to those who i have lost
i just wish i was my own boss
i do not have what it cost
that it took to go through the holliacost
i cannot wait for her again
because i will not be able to begin
my life without the sin's
today is a day
i will lay
in the night without you by my side
another night without any pride

by Terrin Fuller

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