Again And No More

You are the silhouette
Of happiness long lost
Over the dark backdropp of sadness

Without you
The silence is never silent
Disturbed by the shrieks
Of my forlorn heart
For you

It's been long since
I have been held captive
By darkness. By you.

I have waited long
Now I must run
And unshackle myself
From the dark alleys
Of my own arrested mind

Not to you
But away
From you
Far away

But as I run
Won't the wind
That blows in your direction
Remind me of you
That's how the fickle wind blows
Laughing at you as you run
From everything

The birds of twilight
Of which you are one
Always deceive me
And fly into the darkness
Leaving me behind
My dreams incomplete

I wanted to fly
But you never took me along

Again and no more
Never again and never more

by tandi folliott

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Comments (8)

a sad but clarion call... nice touchy lines the last stanza...almost out of poe....amd just as dark gud effort done wel cheers
thx for all ur comments
has its special manner. has its class. u know im glad i`d faught ur nickname and came on ur page, coz it was hard fighting...
nice indicates exoression of a broken heart..well, love will come will just come like a thief in the, if it makes u sad, then, just dont mind, another love will come again and again...ur poem is nicely done..smileeeeeeee
It's so lovely poem! ! ! It's full of feelings and emotions! One can look into yourself reading it. To my mind it's right 'cause the world will be open to you then and you will be able to enjoy it! Thank you!
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