Again, Once More............

As I think of your essence, and this I know,
I crave your loving, again, once more.
As you kiss my forehead, and beacon for a kiss,
Only reminds me of what my body has missed.

As you gently lay me on the floor,
I anticipate.....again, once more.
As I yearn for the pleasure that will not be denied,
I wait patiently, to be lovingly satisfied.

I open my eyes, to see your handsome face,
Aching for more of what has once taken place.
I want you to take me there, as you have before,
I need to feel you inside me, again, once more.

This is no mystery, only loving you see,
As we love each other unconditionally.
Wanting, needing, craving love so divine,
Love is flowing from your body to mine.

As I look lovingly into your eyes.
You loving me is my greatest prize.
As I lay here, and you take me to the mountaintop,
Again, once more....our love began to rock.

Silent moments, actions speak louder than words,
Our passion is all that can be heard.
As we make love under the light of the moon,
We will be exhausted, and sleep until noon.

As we cuddle all through the night,
You holding me in your arms, and it feel so right.
The next day as you head for the door,
I can hardly wait for 'Again, Once More'

Written..2007..(C) ..2007....LLLee

by Lowanda Lee

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