Again The Question Why?

Why the long wait?
Why stray from what you are planning to take?
I am the one tied down,
And you just came back aorund.
I miss your touch so much,
Our embraces of love at one point in time,
Seem forever ago-now in our minds.
But-now our feelings are fresh and renewed.
The tricks we play on one another,
Fall nothing short of cruel and unusual.
We tease with our own way of tortures,
Nothing bad enough to ruin our futures,
But, nothing bold enough to make us forget the past.
The wounds in my back still bleed from time to time,
In the sheer remembrance of the pain and all the tears.
But, forgetting and frogivness is the medicine,
For my soul, for my heart.
After all this, still, im not ready to part,
With my first love.
So sweet and cherishable,
Even though our most vibrant memories are terrible.....

by Monica Lynn Mason

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