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Again This Is Early Morning

So much love I find in nature
Again this is early morning
East is very fresh to wear veil
New essence is filled again here.

Feeling life with eternity is new
Fantastic experience we get near
What an amazing morning this is
This defines early life of creation.

Really father of heaven is lovely
Everywhere he has filed love rays
Sun smiles to come up to see this
Miles of visions gather in new light.

Little cold and little cloudy joy
We get with medium raindrops of hope
Lovely nature sings with chirping
Birds in mass awake to adore God.

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Thank you very much poets and visitors for commenting on this poem. Your effort is highly appropriated. Your comments are very nice.
Lovely vistas and visions of morning! There is light of the sun and light from Heaven. The birds and beasts are happy. Everyone who greets this fine morning is also happy!
Such a beautiful and an inspiring write
Nice early morning treat to an awakening mind. Feeling coooooooooooo......l, to read trough.
Reading this poem gives a nice feel.
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