Again Tonight

Again tonight,
I walk alone.
Walking down a road,
The blackest road I've seen.

Again tonight,
The stars are my audience.
Listening to what I preach,
What I have to yell.

Again tonight,
The moon is my maestro.
Conducting the music,
To the play I perform.

Again tonight,
You come and find me.
Walking with me,
Keeping the silence between us.

Again tonight,
I dream of a life I want.
A life without darkness,
Without anyone who will hurt me.

Again tonight,
You tell me you love me.
Holding your heart in ur palm,
Showing me it's pulse of life.

Again tonight,
I just stare at it.
Deciding if I should show u mine,
Telling you I love you too.

Again tonight,
Our auroras fall into eachother.
Combining desires,
Holding eachothers head.

Again tonight,
I decide I will become sane once more.
Proving that I can live this life,
Living it without fear.

by Kaitlyn Sommerfield

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