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Again Tonight
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Again Tonight

I saw you again tonight
You hurt me -
........And I laughed.

I talked to you again tonight
You ignored me -
........And I laughed.

I touched you again tonight
You drew away -
........And I laughed.

I kissed you again tonight
You were thinking of her -
........And I laughed.

I realized again tonight
You did not love me -
........And still, I laughed.

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Comments (3)

I wish I had the strength to laugh it all off but I don't possess it, but really I don't envy the bitterness, the only thing left to me is this guilt, and broken heart.
This is so common now-a-days. So many poeple going through the motions with nothing left to feel. The laughter of pain is so bitter. How often is it the mark of a soul crying. Read my poem. Smiling through her tears. It has the same message. Hugs Jan
Then the truth of the matter is you are a stronger person able to laugh at life and all situations With a warmth allan