MA (7th February / Lagos, Nigeria)

Again, Why?

Bricks of pain heaved on my amber
Hell’s ring tone in fragile ears
Exits incomparable in life’s little memory
A goddess gone, the pillar of a heart’s strength.

Lured above reason by fables
By mean mortals of unknown stature
“They said, and my father said”
to the end of a structure so rare.

Trust tested
Hope crumbled
Among dark rumours of strange narratives.

This heart nurtured for stranger’s glory
A Oprah’s regret found in Ruth.
All entreaties a weak lyric fall
And so must I let go the bird
Into hidings carved by her lust
Seeking a heaven in hell’s lies.

A foretelling powers of bygone times
Pronounced this exit of lightning speed.
Bye bye to parleys of the heart
Ending a dream for imputed crimes.

A shaking of wind, a tossing of sea
A tornado of earth’s fires
A true test of oaths
Bye bye to love.
now and forever....

Me, myself and I.

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